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Hello & Welcome!

I am so happy you found my site! My name is Anna and I am portrait photographer located near Flint, Michigan. 

Here is a little about me:

- I am obsessed with small coffee shops

- Thrifting is so so fun

- I dream of opening up small businesses in the near future 

- I live in Michigan but wish to be somewhere warmer in the winter months (maybe someday??)

- My major is in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management + Communications minor

- I play soccer and have since I was 6!

In terms of photography:

My niche is people... So far I love engagement photography or couples photography, family photography, and more! I am getting into wedding photography and can't wait to learn and experience every aspect. 

Creativity and adventure are what I strive for, so don't be afraid to share what you have in mind!

As I continue to learn more and more about photography, I realize it's the people that make it memorable. I love getting to meet so many new people and capture stories that will last a lifetime. Feel free to check out my work under the "galleries" tab and my social media accounts linked below! 


If you are interested in a session or have any questions, check out the "let's connect" button below!  

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